The Eurofarma Institute recognizes the importance of complementary education, and hence offers courses and workshops, also for teachers, after school. Activities are offered to students aged 7 to 13 years, enrolled in primary education in public schools in São Paulo and Itapevi.

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Matéria-Prima (Raw material)

The Matéria-Prima program workshops cover topics such as art, music, dance, computer, environment and citizenship. Students receive free of charge, food (lunch and snack), uniform and transportation to cultural activities. In São Paulo, 240 children are served, while in Itapevi other 120 are assisted. Since 2015, the program includes evaluation methodology focused on the results of Portuguese and Mathematics workshops.

In São Paulo, the Matéria-Prima program extends through the “Open Schedule” and “Recreation on Vacation” projects. The first one is held on Fridays, when the unit is open to the community throughout the school year and involves the application of specific workshops and recreational activities for whole classes of surrounding public schools. The “Recreation on Vacation” program takes advantage of the recess and carries out similar activities in schools.

Ateliê-Escola (Atelier-School)

The program aims at students of the public elementary schools located in the region of Santo Amaro, São Paulo, and serves each year thousands of students. In 2015 alone, it included 3,053 participants. The program seeks to enhance learning through the development of orality, writing and logical reasoning.
Driving the program is in the PPP model – Public-Private Partnership – in which the workshops are applied in the very partner educational institutions as part of the curriculum for educators hired by the Eurofarma Institute, together with the teachers from these schools.

Matéria-Prima Capacitação (Raw material training)

It offers workshops on storytelling to teachers of the Itapevi municipal networking.

In 2015, the program with workshops and free courses for storytelling assisted 166 teachers from the municipal Itapevi education. Professionals use the acquired or improved knowledge in their teaching practices, replicating the methodology in schools where they work.