New businesses

Eurofarma is always attentive to opportunities that allow its expansion strategy, to consolidate its operations in Latin America and expand into key global markets.

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Partnerships & Licenses

Strategic partnerships with other organizations and companies are key to the growth and innovation strategy of Eurofarma. Currently, products from partnerships and licenses represent about 10% of the company’s total revenue.

In this sense, the company maintains a constant search for business opportunities in the various therapeutic areas, for products and radical or incremental innovative technologies.

Eurofarma is prepared to work with the different business models, whether distribution or licensing, as well as co-development and technology transfer.

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The main advantages in having the experience of Eurofarma on partnerships are:

The strong performance with sales staff and medical sales, marketing and distribution capillarity is an expressive differential compared to other companies.

Eurofarma has the largest sales force and medical sales in Brazil with approximately 2,500 employees. In other countries of Latin America, the company is represented by about 300 representatives.

The experience and regulatory knowledge helps to effectively comply with all local regulatory requirements. Eurofarma has also specialized in pricing strategies and non-standard approval workflows, such as orphan drugs and fast-track designations.

The company believes that investment in the pursuit of incremental and radical innovation must be constant, in order to always generate new opportunities and strategically position the company in the pharmaceutical market.

Eurofarma covers 83% of the Latin American market and is present in 20 countries in South and Central America, the Caribbean and Africa. It has 12 plants strategically distributed throughout Latin America, with six plants in Brazil.

The company’s entry into other countries is the greatest example of how Eurofarma is committed to being the best regional partner of choice, with own operations and an integrated synergy between all countries.

The company has a clinical team dedicated and experienced in conducting studies in various indications. Since 2010, more than 30 clinical studies, with an investment of approximately R$ 30 million have been conducted.