The Eurofarma Natural Resources Committee, created in 2014, has among its challenges mapping and modifying the energy mix of the company over time, through the increased participation of renewable energy sources.


The Industrial Complex of Itapevi, which concentrates approximately 80% of medicines production, has a complex project for photovoltaic power generation, obtained directly from solar radiation by means of solar cells, at this stage installed in the warehouse roofs of finished products. The next steps include the deployment of photovoltaic panels on the poles (external lighting) of the entire complex. At the moment, more than 180 kW of clean energy is obtained by this method, considered the best in the world for the generation of renewable energy.


Another measure adopted in 2014, to reduce energy consumption and the generation and disposal of hazardous residues was the replacement of fluorescent lamps with LED lighting in several business units, including the Industrial Complex Itapevi, where 4,450 LED lamps were installed, and the plant in Ribeirão Preto, with 2,580 Led lamps.
From 2013, to ensure the supply and the quality of power supply, an energy substation works in the Itapevi unit, that doubled the energetic capacity on site. With the costing of the entire transmission line, the company contributes to meet the growing demand of the industrial pole of the municipality, and hence, with the local economic development.