The Environmental Management System is structured according to NBR ABNT ISO 14001 norm and is extended to all units in Brazil, being certified in our chief industrial unit in Itapevi since 2009.

The Environmental Management System – SGA is established based on the PECA management model, which allows a constant process of improvement of six key elements, namely:


  1.   ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY – expresses the principles and commitments that guide the company’s environmental performance.
  2.   PLANNING  – analyzes the environmental aspects and impacts generated by the activities developed by the company and structures control actions.
  3.   DEPLOYMENT AND OPERATION – It includes structured actions for controlling identified aspects and meeting the goals and environmental objectives.
  4.   MONITORING AND CORRECTION OF ACTIONS – It implies the monitoring and use of indicators which ensure that the goals and objectives are being      achieved.
  5.   MANAGING REVIEW – It includes a review of SGA by the top command of the company in order to ensure its likelihood, adequacy and effectiveness.
    1.   Plan – clearly define the issue; investigate its characteristics from various viewpoints and point out the fundamental cause.
    2.   Do – block the fundamental cause.
    3.   Check – check whether the blocking is completed.
    4.   Act – warn against the return of the issue and review the methods employed to reuse them in future works.