Water is an essential input in the pharmaceutical industry both for the production of medicaments and in supporting processes (sterilization, sanitation, etc.). Thus, Eurofarma works with the continuous challenge of improving every year, the performance presented for its environmental indicator.


Water reuse in the Itapevi Industrial Complex

Responsible for about 80% of the company’s production, the Unit has the system for reuse water from the Effluent Treatment Plant, set in 2012, and that treats 100% of the effluents generated in the unit. Part of the recovered water is internally used, whether in cleaning and domestic supply or even in some industrial processes. The treated water surplus is donated to public partners, such as the Itapevi City hall, which uses it for cleaning public areas, and also private companies in the region.


Water reuse at Ribeirão Preto Unit

In December 2015, the reuse system was fully installed, which will make possible the reuse of around 70% of the water disposed of. The new system allows the input reuse in the industrial process itself; for such the company invested approximately R$ 1 million in the reverse osmosis system, which came on stream in 2016. The water disposal reuse by the backwash system of the sand filters is used for cleaning and irrigation of green areas.


Water Donation

ITAPEVI (SP – Brazil) – Contributing to the sustainable growth and sharing its practices with society are part of the Eurofarma mission. There is no limit for water donation to partners in the region of Itapevi. It only requires that the company makes available an exclusive water truck for water reuse and takes responsibility for the costs of removal.

RIBEIRÃO PRETO (SP – Brazil) – The treatment and reuse water system was fully installed in the plant in 2015. With the system, the factory in São Paulo countryside, mainly focused on the production of Parenteral Solutions of Large Volume (LVPS), can reuse about 70% of the discharged water. Reuse is in the very industrial process, by the reverse osmosis system. The water discharged from the backwashing system in the sand filters is reused for cleaning and irrigation purposes of green areas.


Institutions interested in receiving the donation must contact the Eurofarma Environment area by e-mail meioambiente@eurofarma.com.br or by phone and +55 (11) 4144-9766.