Eurofarma works seeking the best practices and constant focus on innovation. It has many times, as pioneer, anticipated legislations and has always acted ahead of goals established to the sector, as shown in the document “Commitment and demands to build the future we want”, organized by Ethos Institute during the Rio+20, of which the company is signatory.


The Environment Strategic Committee meets periodically to analyze the performance of the Environmental Management System, a tool that contributes to improve the environmental performance aiming at mitigating environmental impacts.


The company is aware of the need to innovate in order to face challenges associated to sustainability, with demands that are constantly updated.  Thus, it invests in cutting edge water and energy projects, besides the constant improvement of the Waste Management System, while adopting new habits in the corporate routine, consistent with the role it plays for being reference in social-environmental responsibility in the pharmaceutical industry.


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Highlights in 2015:

  • 520% increase in volume of water reuse donated to public and private partners in Itapevi.
  • Reuse System Deployment in Ribeirão Preto to use 70% of the water discharged by the reverse osmosis process.
  • Photovoltaic energy installed on the roof of the warehouse of finished products in Itapevi.
  • 2,745 native trees of the Atlantic Forest planted in the industrial complex in Itapevi.
  • 96% of allocation of hazardous residues co-processing