The goal is to promote opportunities for each employee within their area of expertise and responsibility to be increasingly prepared to take over and contribute to their internal challenges.

All this development, in addition to ensuring a sustainable growth for the company, offers employees opportunities for development. In the last year, 77% of leadership positions were filled with internal recruitment.

Leadership Academy

The program is intended to the entire leadership in the company and rely on actions ranging from updating, self-awareness, people management, organizational culture and business. The Academy continuously seeks to diversify the learning models, as face-to-face, e-learning and coaching.

Operational Training Program

The program used by the Industrial area in partnership with Human Resources, aims to train and update employees from the productive area.

The program is ongoing and begins during the New Employees Integration, addressing topics such as Good Manufacturing Practices, chromatography, sampling, equipment operation, among others. The modules take place in the classroom or on the job.