The Eurofarma Benefits Program is divided into three pillars: labor, health and life.

The goal is to address issues related to quality of life, such as health care, incentives for physical activity, leisure tips and family issues.

Learn more about each of the various advantages which aim to contribute to employee satisfaction in and out of work.

  • Academy – Within the facilities of the Head Office Unit, it is open full-time with instructors.
  • Flexible Timetable – Employees may choose the second entry time from Monday through Thursday, between 6:30 AM and 9:30 AM.
  • Anticipated Friday – All those who do not work at work shift, fulfill six hours on this day.
  • Beauty Salon – Services such as manicure and hairdressing have an allowance of 50% of the value of the service, and the remaining 50% are discounted on the payroll.
  • Consigned Loans – With below market rates and discounted directly in the payroll.
  • Assistance Program to the employee away due to Diseases or Labor Accidents – It consists of actions such as: home visits; change in food vouchers and health insurance; legal advice at INSS; transportation vouchers for therapeutic procedures; specialized medical and hospital treatment; aid to buy medicines and differentiated nourishment.

Other benefits:

  • Food ticket
  • Parking
  • Transportation voucher/chartered bus
  • Private Pension

  • Medical Assistance – valid throughout the country and extended to the family.
  • Dental care – Office within the Head office unit and an extended external accredited network to the family.
  • Nourishment – Internal restaurants with balanced meals, from breakfast to dinner.
  • Life Insurance/Funeral Assistance – 50% allowance and extended to family members.
  • Benefits Program for Medicinal Products/Dispensary – Acquisition of Eurofarma medications (including dependents) with a 100% discount.
  • Nutrition Program – Personalized service with a nutritionist.
  • Na Medida (In Measure) Eurofarma Program – Monitoring of a group of selected employees for health promotion.
  • Assistance Program to Diabetics – Nutritional guidance and intervals with a balanced menu.
  • Ambulatory – In addition to routine care, it performs examinations.

  • Culture and Leisure Agreements – For purchase of tickets for theaters, cinemas and amusement parks.
  • Eurofarma Future Mom Program – It performs various actions and activities such as: monthly monitoring of pregnant women; Eurofarma day care or reimbursement for use of external childcare; home visits by specialized professionals; Breastfeeding room; electric pump rentals; pregnant women meeting; maternity license period of 180 days and 10-day paternity; Fractionated Food Program for Pregnant Women and Taste & Health Nutrition Program
  • Orientation Program for employees – Channel to clarify questions made by external suppliers and in confidentiality, in the psychology, legal, financial and social areas. Extended to the family.
  • Sindusfarma Games – Free participation for employees in the annual games.
  • Stock Car – Employees are invited to participate in the race, with free tickets and transportation.
  • Racing and Walking Team
  • Hand to hand with schools