In 2004, Eurofarma acquired the area in which it began the construction of its new industrial complex in the city of Itapevi (SP), with the most modern technical facilities appropriate to international quality standards and able to support the growth of the company. The goal was to create a supply pole able to meet the needs of the internal market and internationalization plans of Eurofarma. The city of Itapevi, about 40 km from São Paulo, was chosen to host the Unit, inaugurated in 2007. The park has a strategic and privileged location, next to the Castello Branco and Raposo Tavares highways and near the Rodoanel West section. Today, the complex concentrates approximately 80% of the company’s drug production and is considered one of the most advanced pharmaceutical parks in Latin America. It also brings together the company’s Distribution Center. The planning and construction of the industrial complex is an example of the commitment of Eurofarma toward sustainability. The roofs of the blocks have been designed to capture rainwater. The Effluent Treatment Plant (WWTP) treats 100% of the residues (sewage and industrial) generated in the plant, and also donates surplus treated water to the city hall of Itapevi and other partner companies. In 2015, the 1st phase of the photovoltaic power generation project went into operation in the plant. Clean energy is obtained directly from solar radiation. Since 2005, thousands of Atlantic Forest native seedlings were planted in the terrain of approximately 300,000 m² complex, in which more than 35 thousand m² of green area were also kept. In the unit, solids, semisolid, liquid, oncological, hormonal production lines, and some packaging lines operate.