Corporate governance is the system by which businesses and other organizations are directed, monitored and encouraged, involving the relationships between Shareholders, management, supervision and control bodies and other stakeholders.

In the ongoing search for excellence of its services, Eurofarma has several committees and internal processes to act with transparency, with actions aimed strictly by the Code of Ethics and Conduct. The company adopts good governance practices and systems for greater fairness, equity and accountability.

Below, we have listed the main management tools.

In order to ensure the best practices of the market, coupled with the improvement of corporate governance, the company has an area dedicated to Corporate Integrity, which includes Compliance, Risk Management and Internal Audit.

It refers directly to the Ethics Committee, attached directly to the CEO of the company.

The Ethics Committee is responsible for receiving occurrences arising from various communication channels, making analyzes and giving the appropriate referral to the facts. It holds weekly meetings, which is a confirmation of the great importance of this topic at Eurofarma.

The area of Corporate Integrity refers to this committee, in which the gravity of the events and actions to be taken to mitigate the associated risks is discussed.

The results of internal audits are also presented and discussed for better targeting actions. It also monitors the areas, to check whether they are acting in accordance with the recommended implementations.

Ethics and Conduct Code

The publication expresses the values, the mission and goals of Eurofarma, which will be achieveimagem-codigo-etica-colaborador-eurofarmad from an ethical and transparent posture. It summarizes the attitudes and daily behaviors that the company expects from each employee, in the treatment with colleagues, staff, suppliers, customers, community and society. All employees, including international operations, receive specific training on the Ethics Code, which must necessarily be followed by the company’s employees and should also serve as a reference to business partners.

Learn about the Code of Ethics and Conduct in its entirety, understand and use this document as a reference in your daily contact with Eurofarma.


Ethics and Conduct Code for Suppliers

The Code of Ethics and Conduct for Suppliers provides guidelines that must be followed by imagem-codigo-etica-fornecedor-eurofarmasuppliers, so that they are in line with the company’s values. The Code helps the relevant areas in carrying out audits and also contributes for the good organizational practices to be followed by the partners.

Eurofarma believes that this is the best way to maintain ethical and sustainable relationships.

Main Code themes:

  • Labor rights
  • Health and safety
  • Social responsibility
  • Business Integrity
  • Confidentiality towards intellectual property

Click here to access the Supplier Code of Ethics and Conduct.

The Advisory Council in Eurofarma aims to support and evaluate the strategic decisions of the company. It consists of independent business leaderships and with varied experiences, which allows the company to take an impartial, objective and rational view of the business.

Besides the company’s president, the committee is composed of five members and meets once a month.


Claudio Roberto Ely

A Civil Engineer graduated by the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, with more than 40 years of experience in leading large organizations. He has been at the forefront of companies in the hydropower and financial areas. He has accumulated an extensive experience in the pharmaceutical retail industry.


Ernesto Pousada

Graduated in Mechanical Engineering, with a specialization in Business Administration (USP), he worked for 15 years in the Dow Chemical Company in several business positions. He has held various executive positions in Brazil, in the United States and Europe. Subsequently, he worked for 11 years as Suzano Papel e Celulose COO, responsible for all the industrial and operations areas of the company. In 2016, he took over as CEO of Ingredion South America, a company specializing in the development of ingredients solutions for the food and beverage industries.


Juliana Rozenbaum


Marcelo Martins

Marcelo Martins has been Vice President of Finance and Investor Relations at Cosan Limited since April 2015. Bachelor of Business Administration from the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV) and specialized in finance, Martins is a member of Cosan Limited’s Board of Directors, Cosan S.A., Rumo ALL, Comgás, Cosan Logistics, Rumo Logistics and Radar. He is also a member of the Councils of the Bienal Foundation, MASP, and the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid.

He joined Cosan in July 2007 as an executive at Aguassanta Participações S.A. and, between 2009 and 2015, he was Vice President of Finance and Investor Relations at Cosan S.A. Prior to joining Cosan, he was Finance and Business Development Director at Votorantim Cimentos between 2003 and 2007. He also headed the Latin American Fixed Income department of Salomon Smith Barney in New York city.


Nelson Mussolini

Attorney, with over 30 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry. His experience goes beyond the legal field, including finance and HR. He has participated in fusion processes and always maintained the activity with the class associations. He is currently the CEO at Sindusfarma – the Pharmaceutical Industry Union in São Paulo.


Patrice Zagame

Senior executive with 30 years of experience in international pharmaceuticals operations, and a proven track record and Industry reputation in turnarounds, sustainable commercial success and market leadership.

Multiple Leadership roles at top five pharma and biotech companies (Latin America and Europe) including President & Executive Vice President for Baxalta Intercontinental Division ,Country President positions for 16 years, in Venezuela, Spain, France and particularly in Brazil from 2002 to 2006 for Novartis and 2013-2014 for Sanofi.

Expertise in Country leadership engaging governments, unions, and authorities in high-level and successful negotiations; initiating/closing deals to reach market leadership. Strengths include deep understanding of the European and emerging markets.

Venezuela Pharmaceutical Industry Association President from 1999-2000 and Board Member of the French Pharma Association (Leem) for 6 years and President of the Industry Scientific Affairs Committee and European Companies Group, leading negotiations on Regulation and Prices on behalf of the Industry.

The Ombudsman is a direct, independent and confidential communication channel, where employees, customers and suppliers may report suspected episodes, facts and behaviors that are inconsistent with the Company’s Code of Ethics and Conduct.

Contacts can be made anonymously by phone and Internet. Each complaint received generates a sequential record number, with which the complainant can follow the process progress. The report is presented and discussed in the Ethics Committee by the Corporate Integrity, which has 30 days to evaluate, research and return, which may be delayed for the same period if necessary.

The Ombudsman contributes to mitigate risks to the company. It is a tool that provides confidentiality, anonymity and discretion in the conduct of investigations in order to reduce the impacts of denunciation and focus on issues relevant to it.

Constantly, denunciations are evaluated in order to reinforce the correct use of the Ombudsman.

Brazil Ombudsman: +55 0800-6021834  |