With the application target of 100% of the proceeds from tax incentives, as the Rouanet Law, PROAC – Cultural Action Program, PIE – Incentive Program for Sports and the Federal Sports Incentive Law, Eurofarma supports various cultural shows and sports projects aimed at the growth and consolidation of art and sport in the country.

The company establishes competition through public announcements for the selection process of projects in both areas. Among the selection criteria are relevance and alignment with the corporate interests of the company and scope, in order to benefit as many people as possible.

Through its Committee, Eurofarma selects and supports projects throughout Brazil, with over R$ 25 million invested in 110 programs in the last 10 years.


The projects entered in the notices go through the selection process carried out by the Company’s Cultural and Sports Sponsorships Committee, following the criteria of relevance and comprehensiveness.

Noteworthy is the fact that the registration system available on the site is only valid to request sponsorship for projects approved in the State Laws (PIE and PROAC).

Check out in the link below the Eurofarma sponsorship policy and learn how to participate in the bidding process for projects encouraged (PROAC and PIE), by sending your project for consideration by the cultural and sports committee.

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