Headquartered in São Paulo, in the neighborhood of Interlagos, the Eurofarma Institute was established in 2006 to improve the management of the company’s investments, which has opted for creating and conducting own educational programs in three areas: Complementary Education; Training young people; Environmental education.

The projects have already directly benefitted more than 43,000 people and helped to transform many lives. Even in an adverse macroeconomic scenario, Eurofarma has annually increased its investments in the Institute, which in 2015 received more than 10 million reais, directly serving 9,201 people.

Among the prominent programs is the “Keeping an Eye on Enem”, a preparatory course with the methodology developed by the Institute itself, focusing on the subjects of Portuguese and mathematics for young people from the 3rd year of high school in public schools. In 2015, 100% of students have managed high grades on the examination, exceeding the national average and the minimum score required by the government, and 69% have achieved vacancies in public universities or private colleges with scholarships.


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10 years Eurofarma Institute 

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