Privacy Policy

Eurofarma Laboratórios preserves the privacy of its consumers and customers and guarantees the confidentiality of information received through the Call Center.


All information provided by consumers is protected and this data may be shared with third-party service providers for the sole purpose of resolving the customer occurrence. The information may also be used in reports by internal areas and the company’s legal department, preserving the privacy of consumer personal data.

Data collection

The Eurofarma Call Center requests information when the consumer contacts the Call Center (via phone, chat, email, website, letter, fax) to answer questions, complaints, suggestions, compliments and requests about the products and the company. The specificity of the registration will depend on the customer’s needs.

The right to anonymity of consumers who choose not to identify themselves will be preserved. If the consumer identifies himself but wishes to keep his name confidential, this right will be guaranteed during and after the complaint is handled.

Information storage

Information provided by the customer will be kept confidential in an electronic database that ensures its security through strict control on servers with limited physical and logical access, without connection to the external environment (Internet) and that does not allow deletion of records, but allows them to be deactivated.

All calls answered by the Eurofarma Call Center are recorded and the phone number is identified. The consumer is informed by the electronic message at the beginning of the contact and receives a protocol number regarding the call.

The Eurofarma Call Center privacy policy is based on ethics, commitment and respect for consumers and its customers.