São Paulo, July 2019 – The EmergeLabs Eurofarma Program announces the 16 scientific projects selected for its first edition of the acceleration program, which aims to take the projects of the academic committee to the market, with the commitment of development of the ecosystem of innovation and health.


After evaluating 70 registered projects, considering criteria such as impact, creativity, audacity, being up-to-date with current trends, and communication, the projects selected represent various Brazilian universities, such as USP (University of São Paulo), UFRJ (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro), and UFCG (Federal University of Campina Grande), among others. The selected teams are composed of professors, students, and Master’s, Doctoral or Postdoctoral researchers. Selected projects include research for new drugs, therapies, and clinical analysis.


“Of the 16 participants in this edition, 9 projects are led by teachers in conjunction with their students, which demonstrates the high qualification, experience and technical knowledge related to the research projects. We are very pleased with the selected projects, which have a high potential to make the transition from academia to the market with ownership, “says Martha Penna, vice president of Innovation at Eurofarma. “We seek to offer the best mechanisms to help these teams to develop their projects and, thus, to become reality the arrival of them to the market,” adds Guilherme Rosso, president of Emerge.


Mentoring – The selected project members will have four training sessions at FEA – USP, in São Paulo, including mentoring to meet and support the specific needs of each team.


Camila Squarzoni Dale, a biologist and Master’s and doctoral researcher at USP, and now an associate professor at the Department of Anatomy of the USP Institute of Biomedical Sciences (ICB), in the experimental pain neuromodulation laboratory, is part of one of the selected projects. The project aims to develop new analgesics that target protein-protein interactions. According to her, the first lineup has already helped her team identify how to translate the academic project into a marketing reality. “In fact, the program brings this change, this transformation of the possibility for us to look at what we are really doing with this translation. That is what we are learning here,” she said.


Danilo Damasceno Rocha, a pharmacist and Master and Doctoral researcher at UFC (Federal University of Ceará), technical officer for the Imaging Center of UFC’s Nucleus for Research and Development of Medicines and responsible for conducting scientific research in the field of ​​Experimental Oncology, endorses the format and content of the EmergeLabs Eurofarma Program. “We have already learned, for example, what companies are looking for. We have the idea of ​​an initial plan, but are learning what can be pivoted, changed, and improved, taking the end customer into account. We think like scientists and have to look ahead. We need a change of mindset,” he noted.

See all the scientific projects selected:


1) ZebraAdvances
Large scale phenotypic toxicological tracking platform with Zebrafish model

2) CannRef-Brasil
Production of certified cannabinoid reference material.

3) Limace
Low cost antiviral against infection by Zika virus

4) Smart 4D Vet Bioglue
Development of a biological scaffold made of stem cell growth factor

5) Hyla Biotechnology
Biosensor for early diagnosis of cancer

6) BioLambda
Antimicrobial photodynamic therapy for treatment of infected wounds

7) Asparaginase
BIOBREYER develops antileukemic drug: asparaginase based on rational design and nanotechnology

8) ZikaLab
Differential diagnosis for zika, dengue and chikungunya and co-infections based on biomarkers

9) Delivery System
Delivery system for peptides based on specific encapsulation in conserved domains.

10) Dressings with new triterpene
Dressings with α,β-amirenone, new healing and anti-inflammatory product for skin injuries

11) Papain incorporated to mesoporous nanomaterials with potential healing application
Increases enzymatic activity and allows controlled release of a healing enzyme.

12) Development of new drugs for pain in the genomic era

13) Development of polymeric materials to be used in health (Biomaterials)

14) Development of biopolymer-based nanosystems as vehicle of proteins

15) Development of new drug for prevention and treatment of CACHEXIA (muscle loss disease)

16) Development of immunoliposome containing drugs for cancer treatment.


Final event – August  6 will mark the last meeting of the program and final presentation of the selected projects, called showcase. The event will be open to all interested public and will take place at the Cubo Itaú headquarters in São Paulo, at 7:30 pm. The event will present to the participants the scientifically based projects that can become business for the Brazilian ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation, such as big companies, innovation environments, investors, and startups. For more information, please visit: http://emerge.org.br/.


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