São Paulo, May, 2020 – Eurofarma, the 100% Brazilian-owned pharmaceutical multinational company present in 20 countries, has so far pledged R$ 24.1 million to support efforts to fight Covid-19 in Brazil.

The company is taking a three-pronged approach in this humanitarian response: donating drugs, buying and distributing emergency food kits and donating protective equipment and sanitizer gel. The goal is to meet the needs of healthcare facilities that have struggled to replenish stocks of medicine and equipment used to protect their staff (doctors, nurses, etc.), without forgetting about the basic needs of more vulnerable members of society and contributing to the purchase and distribution of food across different communities.

The initiatives aim to meet the needs of physicians, healthcare facilities and the needy across Brazil, focusing on the municipalities of Itapevi, SP, and Montes Claros, MG, home to the company’s manufacturing plants.

For more than a decade, Eurofarma has channeled most of its social efforts through the Eurofarma Institute (its own Public Interest Civil Society Organization), and the company’s social awareness and responsibility has long been embedded in its values and incorporated into the its culture. But given the severity of the current crisis, it has revised the budget and made additional resources available for emergency demands.

In medications alone, the company is donating 1.4 million units of finished products, worth R$ 21 million. These items will go to charitable and university hospitals, state health departments and other entities qualified to distribute medicine to the lower-income population.

On another front, Eurofarma plans to deliver 25,000 emergency food kits, at a total cost of R$ 1.5 million. The kits are distributed through the local governments of the municipalities above, through the SP state government and through non-profits that can reach those who are not always registered in the government’s social programs to protect against the sudden loss of jobs and income.

A third front is the direct donation of tens of thousands of personal protective equipment (PPE) to hospitals and clinics and more than 350,000 bottles of sanitizer gel produced by Eurofarma plants, totaling R$ 1.6 million.

The company believes that at this time of pandemic, solidarity and private sector efforts are crucial. As such, it looks to identify demands so that its assistance efforts can be matched with the community’s needs. The amounts pledged towards the fight against Covid19 are not fixed and can be increased over the coming weeks and months. The company’s idea is to keep working on its current fronts and identify any unmapped needs.

Eurofarma prides itself on its social work and believes that corporate responsibility is a key part of any successful business enterprise. Also concerned with the wellbeing of its employees, and as a member of an essential industry that must continue to operate during these times, the company has already taken a number of measures to benefit its workforce directly. That includes hiring more than 300 temporary workers to cover high-risk employees on leave, adhering to the “do not fire” manifesto, and making a formal commitment to retaining 100% of its staff, both in Brazil and in its international subsidiaries. It has also made a public commitment to policies that will have an impact on its employees’ income. The measures aim to provide peace of mind and security in this time of economic and social instability.


About Eurofarma Group 

As the first multinational pharmaceutical company with 100% Brazilian capital, the Eurofarma Group has been operating in the health industry since its establishment in 1972, producing and marketing innovative products and services to improve people’s quality of life. Focused on generating shared value, it operates in the areas of Prescription, Non-Prescription, and Generic Drugs, Hospital, Oncology and Veterinary. In Brazil alone, it offers 313 products, 649 dosage forms, serves 25 medical specialties and covers 89 therapeutic classes, which represent 81% of prescriptions in the brand market.

The Eurofarma Group has own operations in 20 countries, with an industrial park in Brazil and plants in 6 more Latin American countries. Reported sales totaled BRL 5.6 billion in 2019 and the Group employs over 7,000 employees.



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