On March 29, Eurofarma Financial Statement for the base year 2018 was published in the Brazilian newspaper ‘Valor Econômico’ and, later, on April 02, in the Official Gazette. The statement is prepared so that the company’s stakeholders can have access to Eurofarma’s main indicators in the last fiscal year, in social, environmental and economic areas.


While sharing our numbers with the market we keep on learning and prioritizing the middle and long terms, providing transparence to our activities and demonstrating the company’s soundness. We seek sustainability by means of consistent investments in Innovation, Marketing and Internationalization.


The main results of 2018 include the increase of 19% in net profit (EBITDA) and 18% in sales in Brazil, evolution of medical prescriptions, increase in the volume of generic drugs in the market, R$252 million investment in R&D, and maintenance of the average growth rate of 17% over the past 15 years. Another highlight is the fact that we keep on generating value to the society where we operate, transforming the lives of thousands of people through our social actions.


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About Eurofarma Group

 Eurofarma Group is é a health company, focused on offering products and services to improve the lives of people with quality, innovation and fair price in medical prescription, over-the-counter, generic, hospital, oncology and veterinary areas. In Brazil alone, the company offers 287 products with 622 presentations, serves 30 medical specialties and covers 101 therapeutic classes, which represent 89% of the pharmaceutical retail’s sales.


Founded in 1972 and first multinational pharmaceutical with 100% Brazilian capital, it counts on own operation in 20 countries, keeping an important industrial park in Brazil and plants in other 6 Latin American countries. In 2018, the group generated R$ 4.3 billion in sales and employs over 6.7 thousand collaborators.

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