São Paulo, April, 2020 – Eurofarma, the Brazilian multinational pharmaceutical company that most heavily invests in innovation, announces that registration is open through May 7 for Scale-up Endeavor B2B Program. The company is one of the key sponsors for the program led by Endeavor, a global organization that supports entrepreneurs. In its third edition, this time focused on entrepreneurs offering enterprise solutions, the program seeks to form a high impact business network, with scalable and efficient solutions across a wide variety of sectors.

The selection seeks 10 to 15 scale-ups with technology-based solutions (services or products) from the following sectors: HR Techs, Supply Chain, Industry 4.0, Cyber Security, MarTechs & SalesTech, Management and Process Automation, Retail Techs, Legal Techs, Financial Services and Sustainability.

Throughout the months of the program, which is scheduled to last until October, the selected entrepreneurs will receive individual and group mentoring with the Endeavor and Eurofarma networks on topics focused on diagnosing a company’s main growth challenges.

“Eurofarma positions itself as an innovative, sustainable company and a partner to entrepreneurs. In 2020 alone, we intend to invest more than BRL 330 million in Research & Development, which makes us the Brazilian pharmaceutical company with the largest investment in innovation,” comments Helton Carvalho, Entrepreneurship and Digital Director for Eurofarma. “We created the Synapsis program three years ago focused on this purpose, which brought us expertise and contributed to the company’s business. In 2020, we entered as supporters in a larger project with Endeavor in search of entrepreneurs that will help us become even more competitive,” he adds.

“The purpose of the Scale-Up B2B program is to connect Eurofarma with scale-ups that will provide more efficiency and cost savings to its processes. While we are accelerating and supporting entrepreneurs at a difficult time like the present, in the midst of the pandemic, we are also connecting the two ends – entrepreneurs with the major corporation – guaranteeing the generation of business,” says Ilana Nasser, Director of Network Engagement for Endeavor. “We understand that open innovation initiatives like this one help corporations to be more efficient and also facilitate access to the market and customers for scale-ups to continue to grow,” she adds.



Eurofarma Synapsis was born for the purpose of fostering entrepreneurship and seeking innovative health solutions that help the company’s daily life, obtaining several benefits for the business as well as creating a venture capital fund. During the first year of the program in 2018, twelve companies were accelerated and nine pilot projects were conducted, resulting in three companies being hired. Last year, eight scale-ups were selected and eight pilot projects conducted, resulting in two companies being hired.

“Our purpose was to accelerate companies with the same profile focused on health. In supporting this broader program, we can still bring in entrepreneurs that can effectively generate business for Eurofarma, while also evaluating other guidelines,” adds Helton Carvalho, Entrepreneurship and Digital Director for Eurofarma.

Registration is now open on the program’s website through May 7: https://endeavor.org.br/scaleup/b2b.


About Eurofarma Group 

As the first multinational pharmaceutical company with 100% Brazilian capital, the Eurofarma Group has been operating in the health industry since its establishment in 1972, producing and marketing innovative products and services to improve people’s quality of life. Focused on generating shared value, it operates in the areas of Prescription, Non-Prescription, and Generic Drugs, Hospital, Oncology and Veterinary. In Brazil alone, it offers 313 products, 649 dosage forms, serves 25 medical specialties and covers 89 therapeutic classes, which represent 81% of prescriptions in the brand market.

The Eurofarma Group has own operations in 20 countries, with an industrial park in Brazil and plants in 6 more Latin American countries. Reported sales totaled BRL 5.6 billion in 2019 and the Group employs over 7,000 employees.



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