São Paulo, September 2019 – Registrations are open to the largest award focused on medical innovation, with strong social impact in Brazil. The recently-launched Prêmio Euro Inovação em Saúde (Innovation in Health Euro Prize), is intended to provide visibility, acknowledge, encourage and disseminate initiatives that have contributed or come to contribute to the society’s quality of life and well-being.


Unprecedented, the award will distribute a total amount of 1 million Euros (equivalent in reais, subject to income tax withholding), and is destined exclusively to physicians across Brazil who, using creativity, technical knowledge and sensitivity, create solutions for services and products with high social and/or scientific impact. Used to the reality of scarcity of resources and adverse conditions, the county is full of examples of innovation with practical sense that can and should be disseminated to other localities. One example of the combination of technical knowledge applied to the Brazilian population was the plastic cap that saves the life or reduces/eliminates sequels to thousands of babies with perinatal asphyxia. Another example was the confirmation of the relation between Zika virus and the microcephaly outbreak occurred in Brazil some years ago.



As the prize official sponsor, Eurofarma engaged in the Project due to the strong social appeal, combined to its belief in the valorization of the Brazilian medical class. “We are very proud to make this prize feasible with solutions that will impact the population’s quality of life. In addition to acknowledging the initiatives, the prize is intended to disseminate these innovations, which become more important in face of the current economic scenario.  We are aware of the many difficulties faced by physicians and know about their protagonism to circumvent them looking for the best service to the patient and the care for life.  We want to further encourage this practice. There are solutions with potential to be replicated and scalable. This is an official incentive to the exchange of knowledge and experiences. We believe that by giving voice to these initiatives we can go beyond”, states Eurofarma Commercial director Roberta Junqueira.


Requirements – The physician interested in participate can register one or more initiatives that he/she accomplished alone or with a group of physicians (Medical Society or Hospital).  After the period of registration, an independent medical council, appointed by different Brazilian medical and health institutions will select up to 100 projects. The projects enrolled shall demonstrate their innovative creations, their planning and execution, in addition to effective or potential outcomes, verifiable and obtained in the whole national territory.


To participate, physicians must have their registrations active at their respective regional councils and can’t hold any direct association with Eurofarma.


After the selection by the Medical Council, the finalist initiatives will be available on the award website for voting by the entire medical community. Each physician can vote in up to 11 different initiatives, which will go to the final. These 11 winners will be back to a second voting by the physicians who will choose the great winner, also by majority of votes.


The great final event, which will be held in March 2020, will disclose the great winner. There will be 10 prizes of € 50,000 (fifty thousand Euros), in reais, and one single prize to the great winner corresponding in reais to € 500,000 (five hundred thousand Euros), amounting to € 1,000,000 (one million Euros), in reais. The prizes’ values will be converted to reais and will be subjected to income tax withholding, according to legislation in force.


Registrations to Prêmio Euro Inovação na Saúde (Innovation in Health Euro Prize) can be made until the second half of October 2019 on www.premioeuro.com.br.


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