The commitment and pursuit of innovation guide important milestones in the history of Eurofarma, as the launch of the first generic product for oncological use in the country in the early 2000s and, shortly after, of generic oral and injectable contraceptives, ahead of the competition. In 2015, the company developed and obtained the registration of the first biosimilar medicine in Latin America, Fiprima® (filgrastim), starting the trading in 2016. Worldwide, there are only 20 biosimilar ones, 19 in Europe and 1 in the United States .

All the technology applied to the product was developed in-house, a milestone for the national pharmaceutical industry.

Eurofarma has invested more than R$ 25 million in the development of Fiprima®, a biotechnological medication used to induce an increase in the body’s defense cells in patients with some types of cancer, such as breast and leukemia, preventing the rise of opportunistic infectious diseases. Eurofarma seeks to strengthen the foundations to continue with the pioneering spirit, and the company has its goal in a clear way: to have its first new molecule in 2030. To help in this path, it created in 2015 the Radical Innovation Center, with the hiring of renowned scientists.

In 2016, the company invested 5.1% of net sales in R&D, totaling R$ 141 million. The company currently has about 170 products in the pipeline, between copies, incremental and radical innovation. Eurofarma is among the pharmaceutical companies with the highest number of
registrations in Anvisa (30 in 2016) and with the lowest rate of refusals. Sanitary authorities from 17 countries received 146 applications for drug registration and approved 233 registrations in 2016.