The incentive program reaffirms our commitment to the development and generation of shared value with society by supporting initiatives and projects that help respond to Brazil’s social challenges and opportunities. All proposals submitted under the incentive laws must add to the sustainable development of the public served.

Contribution to Organizations

We value actions that promote corporate social responsibility in Brazil. Supported institutions must serve the low-income population, focusing on health and education actions.

To that end, we support institutions by:

  • Donation of the company’s materials and assets that will be replaced, and such donations are made to institutions that serve the underprivileged population located near the company’s units or for recycling cooperatives. Regularly donated materials include items such as tables, chairs, and other furniture.
  • Drugs up to 120 days from the expiration date are donated to non-governmental institutions that are duly registered in our system, following verification that they indeed serve the underprivileged population and dispense the medication correctly.

Incentive Projects

We strive for the country`s social development by supporting health organizations and institutions through tax incentives from income tax, Pronon (National Program for Supporting Oncological Care), Pronas (National Program for Supporting the Health Care of People with Disabilities), Condeca (State Council for the Rights of Children and Adolescents), FIA/FUMCAD (Child and Adolescent Fund) and Fundo do Idoso [Fund for the Elderly].

The Corporate Social Responsibility Committee is responsible for selecting the supported projects.

Check out our Sustainable Booklet* to learn more about these and other initiatives.

(*) Available in Portuguese.