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Pearson, a Veterinary Unit of Eurofarma, operates in the large animals segment and maintains its own sales force. With a Portfolio presentation work with cattle farmers, distributors and also in the point of sale, with a focus on generating demand for veterinarians and cattle, farms, stables and jockeys properties.

The company is in the ranking of the 20 largest laboratory in the segment. The portfolio highlights are Creolina® (disinfectant), NewMast® (antimicrobial/anti-mastitic) and Aminofort® (promotores del crecimiento).

The Unit has in its portfolio: antiparasitic drugs (ectoparasiticides and endectocides), disinfectants, hemoparasiticide, vitamins, growth promoting, cicatrizing, anesthetic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory drugs, indicated for the prevention and treatment of diseases, especially in cattle.