Founded in 1972, we are the first multinational pharmaceutical company in Brazil with 100% national capital. We operate throughout South and Central America, the Caribbean and Africa.

The medical community and society as a whole recognize us for promoting access to health and quality of life at an affordable price, with quality and innovative treatments. We are front runners in the Prescription Drug, Generic Drug, Hospital, Oncology, Nonprescription Drug and Veterinary Medicine segments and a benchmark in central nervous system (CNS), anti-infective and hormonal drugs.

Our pioneering spirit and entrepreneurial vocation have been widely acknowledged since the beginning of our operations, and we have formed national and international partnerships in different cooperation models, such as licenses, distribution agreements, service provision in the production sector, joint ventures, and co-development, among others. With a focus on innovation, our pipeline includes over 200 projects and expansion plans for key global markets.
As one of Brazil’s largest pharmaceutical industries, we are a leader in medical prescriptions, serving 30 different specialties and covering 101 therapeutic classes, which account for 89% of retail pharmaceutical sales. In Brazil, we offer 287 different molecules and more than 600 products.

Our commitment to innovation enabled us to create the Eurofarma Synapsis project in 2017, a partnership and incentive model for startups focused on the development of disruptive technology in healthcare services. In 2018, 12 selected startups received over 100 hours of guidance from the country’s leading entrepreneurship experts.

To support all these fronts, we value our human capital as the company’s most important asset. The Group includes approximately 6,700 employees, more than 5,600 of which are in Brazil. We also have one of the largest sales and medical propaganda workforces on the market, including over 3,000 employees who make approximately 530,000 medical contacts per month.

Elected among the best work environments since the early 2000s, we have ranked among the “Best Companies to Work For” by Revista Exame Você S/A for 10 years and we also made the “Época GPTW (Great Place to Work)” ranking in 2014.

We proudly hold the title of the sole pharmaceutical company to be a four-time champion in the Exame Sustainability Guide and have consolidated our participation in the UN Global Compact, undertaking the commitment to incorporate its 10 principles established by the United Nations throughout our activities. The initiative determines the adoption of business practices based on ethical and responsible values in the areas of environment, human rights, labor relations and anti-corruption.

We are also part of the Ethos Institute’s benchmarking group, which is comprised of a small number of companies that scored the highest in the renowned institution’s assessment. In partnership with the Ethos Institute, we implemented the Sustainability in the Value Chain program, a pioneering attitude among pharmaceutical companies in Brazil, with the objective of evaluating and monitoring the good practices of our direct input suppliers.
Due to our beliefs in a fairer society with more widespread equality, we continue to expand our social investments through the Eurofarma Institute, which was founded in 2006. Since then, we have already provided more than 77,000 direct services, primarily in the areas of complementary education, environmental education and training for young people, adults and the elderly.

A company based on solid values that’s growing in a sustainable manner, striving for excellence and feeding on current challenges by taking new steps as if they were the first.

Subsidiaries and Joint Ventures

Grupo Eurofarma also operates in different areas and businesses, as shown below:

Established in 2013, the independent operation is wholly owned by Eurofarma. Its production and marketing operations are dedicated to branded products, focusing on the area of prescription drugs, and more specifically on the specialties of Psychiatry, Gynecology and the Respiratory System. It renders production services for Eurofarma and other laboratories, and is responsible for the company’s entire line of antibiotics (penicillins, cephalosporins and carbapenems).

The company is responsible for sample analysis to study relative bioavailability and bioequivalence, which are mandatory for obtaining medication registration from the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (Anvisa). It also conducts validation tests on residual cleaning and stability studies, in addition to being a Research Center.
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The company was formed in 2012 and is currently a joint venture between Eurofarma and Cristália. It promotes and distributes prescription drugs.

Time Line


Promote access to health and quality of life with treatments at a fair price and profitable operations, which ensures the sustainable growth of the company and the sharing of value generated with employees and society.


We will be one of the 3 largest pharmaceutical companies with regional capital in Latin America, leaders in prescription drugs in Brazil and a benchmark in innovation and sustainability. With increasing profitability and 10% of the portfolio protected, 30% of sales will come from international operations.