Eurofarma is a multinational with 100% Brazilian capital, with 47 years of history, recognized by the medical community and the society for promoting access to health and quality of life with treatments at the right price, quality and innovation.

With operations in more than 20 countries in South and Central America, in the Caribbean and Africa, it has 9 manufacturing plants installed, strategically located in Latin America, positioning especially in the major pharmaceutical segments: Medical Prescription and OTC, Generics, Hospital , Bidding, Oncology, Third Party Services and Veterinary. The company has a broad portfolio that meets all medical specialties and which is a reference in the central nervous system, anti-infective and hormonal drugs.

Recognized for its pioneering and entrepreneurial vocation from the beginning of its activities 47 years ago, originally as Billi Farmacêutica, it operates with national and international partnerships in different models of cooperation such as licenses, distribution agreements, providing services in the productive area, with joint ventures, co-development, among others. With a focus on innovation, the company accounts for about 200 projects in its pipeline and expansion plans for key global markets.

Eurofarma values human capital as its most important asset. The Group has approximately 6,700 employees, including more than 5,500 in Brazil. It also has the largest sales force and market medical advertisement, with around 3,000 employees, who make 550 thousand medical contacts per month.

Elected for more than a decade among the best companies to work for, it has been placed for 15 years in the “Best Companies to Work For” rank by Exame Voce S/A magazine, and five consecutive years in the “Época GPTW” ranking (Great Place to Work )”.

As the only pharmaceutical company three times champion by the Exame Sustainability Guide, it consolidated its adherence to the UN Global Compact in 2015, committing to follow in their activities those 10 principles of the document set out by the United Nations Organizations. The initiative calls for the adoption of business practices based on ethical and responsible values in the areas of environment, human rights, labor relations and fighting corruption.

Social investments of the company are conducted by the Eurofarma Institute, founded in 2006. The projects directly benefit more than 77,000 people, primarily in the areas of continuing education, environmental and training of young and adults people.

As a company of solid values, which grows on a sustainable basis, it seeks excellence and feeds on challenges, taking further steps as if they were the first ones.

Controlled Companies and Joint Ventures

The Eurofarma Group also operates in different areas and businesses, as one can see below.

It is part of the Eurofarma Group and produces and commercializes a comprehensive portfolio of Medical Prescriptions and Prescription-Exempt Medicines for different medical specialties. Its production line includes oral and injectable antibiotics. With high-performance equipment, this company provides outsourcing services for determined production phases or for the entire production process. It disposes of its own Sales Force.

This company totally belongs to Eurofarma and is responsible for analyzing samples for relative bioavailability and bio-equivalence studies that are required for obtaining registration of medicine before The Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (Anvisa). It is also run as a research centre and carries-out trials regarding residual cleaning validation and stability studies.

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As a result of a joint venture between Eurofarma and Cristália, this company promotes and distributes medical prescription products.

This is a joint venture between Eurofarma and Biolab laboratory – it develops and produces biosimilar drugs.

Time Line


Founded in 1972 under the name of Billi Pharmaceuticals, the proposed business was completely innovative in the industry, but already anticipated a trend of today’s world: outsourcing. With no own products, Billi emerged with the aim of manufacturing products for other domestic and foreign laboratories.

This was the first seed. Over time, and with investments in innovation and development, employee training and a management focused on efficiency, quality of its products and customer satisfaction, the company grew, acquired other laboratories and expanded its scope of action, starting to produce and market own brands and under license from multinationals.

As a result of this development, in 1993 the company adopted the name Eurofarma and, since then, has recorded a strong growth. In 2005, its sales reached R$ 745 million. Five years later, the total revenue rose about 74% to $ 1.3 billion.

The markets in Brazil and Latin America act as an important opportunity for Eurofarma. In 2009, Eurofarma began its internationalization project, a milestone in its history, with the acquisition of Argentine Quesada Pharmaceutics. Since then, the company has been working hard on integrating the operations of this subsidiary, which, in July 2010, began to act under the corporate name of Eurofarma Argentina.
In 2010, it entered new markets through investments in clinical research, biotechnology and acquisition in the domestic market, aiming to become one of the three largest pharmaceutical companies in the country. In the same year, continuing its goal of internationalization, the company acquired the Laboratories Gautier, Uruguay, with a presence in Bolivia, and Chile’s Volta – including Farmindustria, a company from the same group.

The company continued with this strategy in 2011, submitting products dossiers and obtaining records for medications in the countries in which it operates, this time in the Venezuelan market, the third largest one in Latin America. It invested in infrastructure, in the creation of a new company and in the integration between subsidiaries and headquarters. Among many other accomplishments and learning, it has also celebrated the five-year anniversary of the Institute that bears its name.

In 2012, Eurofarma turned 40 years with the creation and reformulation of strategic areas of the company and continued its internationalization process, important steps towards the goal of becoming a large multinational company, starting its operations in Colombia, through the purchase of a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant of Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD). Initially, the production would be unique in providing services to third parties and MSD.

The following year, in 2013, Eurofarma acquired Refasa Carrión, present for 57 years in Peru and Laprin – 4th company in medical prescription in the market of Guatemala, and that also maintains operations in Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras. El Salvador, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.

In 2014, it began its commercial operations in Colombia and the acquisition of the minority stake in Chile. Offices were also opened in Venezuela, Paraguay and Ecuador for the submission of dossiers. Thus, the organization started to cover 68.6% of the Latin American market. With an established presence with own operations in 20 countries in South and Central America, in the Caribbean and Africa. in 2014, the company completed the negotiation, becoming a shareholder in the North American Melinta Therapeutics and made commercial agreements with leading companies in South Korea (Don-A) and Sri Lanka (Ceyoka).

Now in 2015, after 9 years of study, researchers at Eurofarma conquered the record of the first biosimilar medicine in Latin America, Fiprima® (filgrastim) used to induce an increase in the body’s defense cells, in patients with some types of cancer. Worldwide, there are only 20 biosimilars.

Continuing its expansion process towards global markets, 2016 begins with the opening of a new office in Mozambique, which marks the company’s entry into the African market. It consolidates its presence in Central America and in the Caribbean, with the opening of the market in Belize.

In search of disruptive innovation, in 2017 Eurofarma launched the Synapsis Project, a platform for accelerating startups in healthcare. Another innovative project, for home decontamination of primary packaging, had its methodology approved by The Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (Anvisa). And the year was also highlighted the licensing of molecule in development by Summit Therapeutics plc.

In 2018, the company turned to 2022, devoting energy and much work in publicizing Vision 2022 and in team engagement. This year a Shared Services Center was inaugurated to centralize and harmonize processes, take advantage of synergies, and guarantee the control, and scalability of operations. Significant steps were taken, such as the acquisition of part of Stein’s portfolio in Costa Rica, as well as Belviq’s launch partnership in 17 countries in Latin America. Eurofarma believes in the power of transformation that opens the way to evolution.


To promote the access to health and quality of life with treatments at a fair price in a profitable operation that ensures its sustainable growth in the different market segments of the company.


We will become one of the 3 biggest pharmaceutical companies with Latin-America region’s capital - leader in medical prescription in Brazil and a reference in Innovation and Sustainability. With rising profitability and a 10% protected portfolio, 30% of our sales will come from international activities.