São Paulo, August 2019 – Eurofarma, present in 20 countries and the Brazilian pharmaceutical company that most invests in innovation, is announcing the first private human milk bank established by a pharmaceutical company in Brazil. Lactare was created with the aim of expanding breastfeeding and reducing health risks in newborns, in addition to demystifying the issue and encouraging the donation of breast milk. The pilot project will be held in Itapevi, São Paulo, in partnership with the government of Municipality, where the company’s largest factory is located.


The target is to process 60 liters of human milk per month to serve about 20 babies from the Neonatal ICU of Itapevi Hospital Geral (HGI), where around 400 births take place every month. Linked to the rBLH (Brazilian Milk Bank Network), in compliance with specific technical standards, the Milk Bank’s differentiator will be its home collection service, which will cover a radius of up to 20 km from the Itapevi city center.


Breast milk is responsible for reducing by up to 13% mortality from preventable causes in children under five years of age. It also helps to reduce the risk of diarrhea, respiratory infections, hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, and obesity. According to Fiocruz, coordinator of rBLH-BR, there are in Brazil about 225 milk bank units, which currently supply 60% of the demand. “We have a very effective and pioneering social role. Helping parents in the breastfeeding process is very important not only for health, but also to reinforce this important bond,” said Maira Billi, Production Management manager and creator of the project.


Eurofarma, acknowledged as one of the best companies to work for in Brazil, has benefits that value its employees, such as 180-day maternity leave, full-time nursery, and a breastfeeding support room duly certified by the Ministry of Health, among other initiatives to promote the well-being of mothers and babies. The Lactare Milk Bank reinforces the pharmaceutical company’s concern with family welfare.


The initiative is expected to be expanded to the district of Campo Belo, in São Paulo, where the company’s headquarters is located, and in the future to Montes Claros (MG), the region that houses the distribution center.



Lactare Eurofarma Milk Bank – www.eurofarma.com.br/bancodeleite


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Eurofarma is a healthcare company that focuses on offering products and services to improve people’s lives with quality, innovation, and fair prices in all major pharmaceutical segments: Prescription, Generic, Hospital, Oncology, Over the Counter, and Veterinary. In Brazil alone, the company offers 287 different molecules and over 600 products. A leader in prescription medicine, it serves 30 different specialties and covers 101 therapeutic classes, which account for 89% of pharmaceutical retail sales. It is the holder of the largest sales force in Brazil, making approximately 600,000 monthly medical contacts.


Founded in 1972 and the first pharmaceutical multinational with 100% Brazilian capital, it has its own operation in 20 countries and maintains an important manufacturing park in Brazil, as well as plants in 6 other Latin American countries. In 2018, the group reported R$4.3 billion in sales, with over 6,700 employees.


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